Friends of The Court: Government Must Assess Climate Change Impacts of Celukan Bawang Power Plant Expansion

BALI / JAKARTA, 26 JUNE 2018 – Nine Indonesian and international environmental groups filed an amici curiae brief, or a friends of the court brief, to Denpasar Administrative Court (PTUN), specifically the judges who adjudicate the lawsuit against Celukan Bawang Coal Fired Power Plant expansion, Bali [1]. The project does not comply with the Environmental Protection and Environmental Law No.32 of 2009 and undermine Indonesia’s international climate commitment.

The 18-page brief stated that the expansion of the Celukan Bawang power plant does not include a comprehensive analysis of the climate change impacts in the decision making of issuing Celukan Bawang Power Plant’s environmental permit. In fact, the environmental permit should be based on environmental feasibility decisions and the Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) that analyze comprehensively how the project impacts the environment [2]. This environmental impact should include the impacts of climate change.

“Amici believes that the legal obligations of Indonesia and the provisions in the Environmental Protection and Environmental Law and its derivatives provide sufficient grounds for the Judges to declare the Celukan Bawang Power Plant’s environmental permit null and void due to the lack of consideration for the climate change impacts of the project,” said Margaretha Quina, Head of Environmental Pollution Division of Indonesian Center for Environmental Law.

This power plant expansion will burn almost 3 million tons of coal per year. For 30 years of operation, the plant will release more than 200 million tons of CO2. By taking into account the release of emissions from Indonesia’s 35 GW energy project, of which 60% is from coal, it is likely that this project will hamper the realization of Indonesia’s international commitment to 29% (or 41% with international aid) greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030.


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